Monday, 23 February 2015

If I were to make a creating resolution for 2015...

It would be to weave in the ends as I go along!

I am working on 2 crochet blankets at the moment & weaving in the end en masse is somewhat soul destroying... You would think I'd learn, but apparently not!

Monday, 16 February 2015

With grand fanfare, may I present... the complete #100DaysOfNature album!

I realised today that although I had updated the album on Google+ (and Flickr), I hadn't actually made a post here about finally finishing #100DaysOfNature.

So... Here it is!

I've pulled out a few of my favourites to highlight here as well. I'd like to do something like this again (in Spring or Summer though, no more stumbling around the garden in the dark in search of photogenic slugs...)

It's quite funny looking at these all together - I seem to have a bias of placing the subject of the photo on the right hand side. Maybe I need a left aligned challenge?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

What's this? Something new?

Ok, so I do Zentangle now. Zentangle is cool (to paraphrase Dr Who).

I bought the other half "One Zentangle a Day" a couple of Christmases ago and he never got further than reading the introduction. My head has been all over the place recently, so I thought, "Hey! Why not give it a go?"

These are some of my favourite so far. These are just quick snaps from my journal - I'm not doing the whole official Zentangle "tiles" thing - it seems a little commercial for something which is supposed to be all about mindfulness. Just my opinion.

Still, it's fun. I am more than a little rule-obsessed - even when it comes to doing anything crafty or creative. I can follow the hell out of instructions - you want instructions followed? I'm your gal. But trying to do something "off the grid"? Well, that's a whole other issue... I like that with the "Zentangle system" you get a series of predefined doodles *ahem* tangles, so I have some structure to work within, but how you apply them is down to you. I feel like it's a good learning exercise for me!