Sunday, 15 February 2015

What's this? Something new?

Ok, so I do Zentangle now. Zentangle is cool (to paraphrase Dr Who).

I bought the other half "One Zentangle a Day" a couple of Christmases ago and he never got further than reading the introduction. My head has been all over the place recently, so I thought, "Hey! Why not give it a go?"

These are some of my favourite so far. These are just quick snaps from my journal - I'm not doing the whole official Zentangle "tiles" thing - it seems a little commercial for something which is supposed to be all about mindfulness. Just my opinion.

Still, it's fun. I am more than a little rule-obsessed - even when it comes to doing anything crafty or creative. I can follow the hell out of instructions - you want instructions followed? I'm your gal. But trying to do something "off the grid"? Well, that's a whole other issue... I like that with the "Zentangle system" you get a series of predefined doodles *ahem* tangles, so I have some structure to work within, but how you apply them is down to you. I feel like it's a good learning exercise for me!

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