Friday, 17 July 2015

Adventures in macarons

We had a cake sale at work today, so I decided to be real fancy and make some more macarons - with varying degrees of success!

These plain ol' vanilla ones were the stars of the show - they were genuinely pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to make some strawberry ones with freeze-dried strawberry powder, which I was disproportionately excited about. Unfortunately, I think that the mixture was too damp - I got a nice rise, and cute little feet, but they cracked horribly and would not dry out.

The last ones were some chocolate ones. They looked... ok. However, I think I baked every last hint of moisture out of them and they were distinctly, well, hard. Very disappointing. Some very kind people told me they were nice, but I think they were simply trying to spare my feelings!

Moral of the story - let's try and get the plain ones down pat first, ok?

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