Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New book! New yarn!

My parents came to stay this weekend and gave me "Crochet one-skein wonders" as a thank you (husband got a new "braai shirt", but that's a whole other story):

(I know, right, how cute is that crocodile? Cool parents!)

I haven't made anything out of it (yet), but I did see this rather cunning yoga mat bag. My poor mat doesn't have a bag and is a proper pain in the behind to schlepp to class, so I have been plotting to make one for a while.

I had intended to sew something, but this is just so pretty.

I popped to my local yarn store on Saturday and found this amazing Sirdar cotton dk yarn.

It was a little pricey, but I was smitten by the colours - the skeins look like spun jewels! Photos do not do its shininess justice - if you get a chance, stop by your local store and see if they have any in.

Not quite sure when I'll get around to this as I am hook deep in hexies, but the magpie in me couldn't resist!

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